Why You Should Take More Pictures


  I know how cliché it sounds, but it’s true. Your child’s life zooms by waaaay too fast. It’s bittersweet watching your baby grow and prosper in the blink of an eye. You love watching them learn and advance, but miss when things were as simple as cuddling your baby to sleep after a warm bottle or a night on the breast. Every adorable face, every goofy smile, it all warrants a picture. You show all your friends and family. They ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. What will you show your child, though? How many pictures are you in? Honestly, go and take a look. You might be surprised.  

   It honestly amazed me when I looked back at my toddler’s pictures over time. There was tons of him with other people I took, but hardly any of us. I felt disappointed. My reasoning for saying no to pictures was always the same. I was embarrassed of how I looked. Now, in retrospect, I’m embarrassed of my silly reason. I wanted him to be able to look back at his adolescence and remember me as I was, too. I wanted him to remember the time momma dyed her hair green because she was feeling like a boring momma and wanted to do something a little wild with her looks. I wanted him to remember the face I made when he took his first steps. I was so beyond proud. I wanted him to see me smile along with him on the day he began to make his first smile. He is so cute. The pictures are all there taken by me, but not of me. 

   I want to urge to you the importance of taking pictures of both you and your baby. If not for you, for your child. They will want to remember those happy moments, too, and you’re a part of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing any make-up or are in your pajamas. Your child doesn’t care. You’re their mommy, for goodness sake! Our babies are our biggest fans, and I hope when mine grow up I will have done well enough in their lives to make them be able to overlook how horrid I looked in some pictures. Happiness is best when shared, after all.