(SPOILERS) Movie Review: The ByeBye Man


     Guys, I love horror everything, but especially horror movies. Love. Very few movies these past couple of years have impressed me. The ByeBye Man was not one of them. 

     First and foremost, the lead female actress had pretty subpar acting if I do say so myself. You may disagree, but that’s just my opinion. Second, this movie was just another cheese-o-rama from start to finish. I will say that it had a strong beginning that could have led to something much, much greater than what it ended up being. Nevertheless, the ending was predictable. Nobody likes a predictable horror movie. Nobody. 

     The terribly CGI animated dog.. Just WTF. Technology has come too far for that to be acceptable. Then, as if that’s not enough, there’s the lack of explanation for numerous things, like why are coins and trains so significant? They signal his arrival, but why? Why did his girlfriend call him his best friend’s name in bed? What was up with the clichè scratches on the wall? I halfway expected a skeleton to jump out and shout “boo!” to help aid this movie in being completely unoriginal. 

     Overall, I would say this movie was OK at best. You should go see it for the comedic factor, at least. I cannot even tell you how long I laughed at the ending when the monster threw his girlfriend off the top story (???), then descended them with his big ol’ evil pit bull while some very dorky rock music came on. That may have been impressive to a twelve year old, but not me. But then again, the movie was rated PG 13. Watch it at your own risk of peeing on yourself.. From laughter. 

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