Ramblings of a Broken Mom

     I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the picture perfect mother. Far from. There are days where I want to do nothing more than pack my bags and hide out in a hotel with a hot tub for a day or two. I am tired. I am overwhelmed . I am under appreciated. Most of all, I am human. When your days are spent completely focusing on another person it is to be expected that you might start to feel a bit like less of yourself and more of a robot, so to speak. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. LOVE them. They are the light of my life. With that being said, let’s get one thing straight, world. Moms are people, too, and we are allowed to need a break.
     There are days where my two year old will sit in front of the TV watching Spongebob for far too long while I sit on the couch staring at the wall. That’s OK. He’s building his vocabulary. There are days on days on days where absolutely zero laundry will get done. Hey, as long as everyone is wearing clean clothes, then there is no problem. One might even wear dirty clothes sometimes.. Sometimes I will go days without taking a shower. Well, maybe that’s not OK, but fight me. I don’t see anyone rushing in to watch the kids so I can. Anyway..
     We need to stop apologizing for being moms. With motherhood comes greasy hair, untidy houses, piles of laundry, and so much more. Yet, at the end of the day, are our babies not fed and loved immensely? Exactly. Non issue. It will get done eventually. You can find such ridiculous Mom-Shaming everywhere. “If you’re a stay home mom, you have no reason to have a dirty house. You must be sitting on your butt all day.” MYTH. Imagine that there is a tiny human being who needs you to feed him, watch him, change him, talk to him, hug him all day. While you’re making dinner he decides to rip off his diaper and knock over your drink you forgot you’re not supposed to leave on the coffee table. Clean that up and serve dinner. Oh, now he’s dirty. You have to bathe him. He hates getting out of the shower. Cue tantrum. Calm the baby. It’s already been two hours. See what I mean? Time flies. Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but the message is clear. 
     Then there’s, “How can moms work all day while someone else raises their kids?” Newsflash! Life is expensive. Oh, but I don’t want to let your judgmental ass down so I’ll just quit my job to stay home with my kids. What do you know, now I can’t afford to feed or house them. Superb. All this leads to…
     “Well, if you can’t afford kids, then you shouldn’t have had them.” Now this line is an absolute favorite of mine. Let’s get one thing clear. Children are not only for rich people. As long as someone’s kids are healthy, loved, and taken care of, then what the absolute hell do you have to complain about? I’ll be the first to admit I’m broke as all get out. My babies never go without, though. And to those mom as who are struggling to provide the bare minimum for their kids, this is not an insult to you, either. I get it. I’ve been there. If you’re trying you’re cool in my book. 
     Us moms should be building each other up, not putting up walls and breaking down self-esteems. We’re all working the same job with the same end goal in mind: to have successful, happy kids. Is that not enough? Instead of arguing, we should be creating friendships. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in motherhood, it’s this: talking to a toddler can be unfulfilling at times. I’m so thankful for the few fellow mom friends I do have. Trust me when I say there’s just no point in being catty. 
Sometimes a broken mom just needs help putting the pieces back together. 

2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Broken Mom

  1. Thank you for posting this. As long as your kid is happy and healthy screw the rest. This competition over what makes the “better parent” is stupid. And if not cleaning my house means more time playing with my daughter or, heaven forbid, just a bit of me time then screw the house.

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